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Whananaki with an “F”

Inclement weather caused us to seek indoor activities for our first full day in New Zealand, and we wound up at the Museum for Technology and Transport to pass a few hours. The facilities are divided between two sites, and following the plane hangar exhibit, we took the trolley to the original site, where we viewed exhibits on the evolution of technology and transport (duh), from a New Zealand perspective.

Baby in front of planes
Harry loved the hangar as it was a large space with smooth floors to crawl around on
Mom and baby in trolley-car
We rode the trolley past the zoo to the site of “MOTAT 1”


Following that, we hit the road in our trusty Kona, headed north to “Whananaki”. For Maori words with a “W” in them, the pronunciation of the “W” is an “F” sound as we found out. We were confused as to why people kept saying “Fangarei”, “Fananaki”, “Faiotapu” in stead of “Whangarei”, “Whananaki”, and “Whai-o-tapu”.

We discovered at the top of the driveway into our AirBnB rental that you, Harry, are prone to carsickness. At least, that’s the conclusion we reached when you covered yourself and car seat with evidence of such (that’s all we can think of, no funky food was consumed, no illness is evident at this time, and you were fine as soon as we got you out of the car (evidence of you clearly happy while being bathed post puke-fest on our porch, in a basin graciously provided by our lovely host, Tatiana). We settled in and all had butter chicken off the hot-plate for dinner.

Harry baths in a bucket on the patio with the ocean in the background.
Tatiana, our host got a wonderful first impression of our family as we pulled up and removed a vomit covered baby from the back-seat. She did not miss a beat, and quickly provided us with a basin to hose Harry off in.


This morning, we took a quick walk on our beach, and you discovered the joys of eating sand. Following a nap time we set off for Matapouri…only 9 km away (as the crow flies), but a 50 minute drive when all the twists and inland driving were accommodated-for. We took what wound up being a treacherously steep and muddy hike to the “mermaid pools”; Deep tide pools of typically clear, turquoise water that are only accessible at low tide. As the weather in this region has been stormy, the swells were still occasionally breaking over the edge of the pools, and so other than some splashing at the edge, Harry we did not actually take you for a swim. Your Dad and I switched off taking turns cooling off while you played up above.

Jill and Harry walk along the beach
We took a morning stroll along the private beach below our Air-BNB
Matt holds Harry up on the beach for a picture.
Harry wasted no time in getting dirty and wet.

Swimming in tidal pools
Matt cools off in the “Mermaid” pools
Matt and Harry seated on furniture near tidal pool
We have no clue how, or why there is a chair out here, but it is soft and not sharp (unlike every other surface out here)
Girl above tidal pool
Jill looks out into the Pacific

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sun on Matapouri beach (too much in the case of the adults). It sounds like, based on the weather forecast it’s the last sun we will be seeing for a while!

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