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I Don’t Want to Travel

I don't want to see the world
Harry looks across Arrow Lakes

Matt and Harry check out Wilson Falls

I grew up in a scenic and beautiful area of our country, where as a child, I’d look out my bedroom window and see mountains, river, and sky. Growing up in BC’s Kootenays, I like to think I appreciated this setting and the activities it offered me. I’ve always identified this place as home, where I belong.

That didn’t stop me from leaving this area every chance I got. Where I’m at right now, though, I don’t want to travel anymore.

Harrison, the world is a big, beautiful place.

I wanted to see it all.

Local attractions were right there, and I have my whole life to explore them. For that reason, I never got around to ACTUALLY exploring them. Why stay close to home and do “easy” when there were so many unique places in the world, glamorous cultures, and fascinating people to meet. There was so much “better” outside the boundaries of this small geographical region.

My entire youth has been spent planning and scheming ways to get out of here. I wanted once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, to meet exotic, unique people different than those I already know.

You know what Harry? That motivation is gone and I don’t want to travel anymore.

I’m happy now.

So happy with where I am.

I love home: the location, and the home that your dad and I have created. I could- and frequently do-pass entire days never once setting foot off our property. I love you, your dad, our nearby family and friends. I have a job I’m satisfied with, and hobbies that I love. I don’t want to leave. I don’t need to.

People come from all over the world to see this area, hike, ski, bike, or just visit. I want to do that too. I want to take advantage of the opportunities that exist within a two hour drive of my own bed. I want more lake views from mountain-tops, more paddle trips for sticky buns across the water, and more soaking in the hot springs scattered throughout the area.

I want to see Canada, which is also “home”, (on a grander scale). Together, we are going to hike the north, see icebergs in the east, and stroll cobblestones of places in-between.

We went to Nakusp this weekend.

It’s a small town very close to home. It’s a place I’ve driven through numerous times, but not ever actually stopped in.

It did not take ten hours of planes, trains and automobiles to reach our destination, in fact, we reached it by dinnertime after Dad got off work. We met up with some of the good friends I wrote about in my post “Mom-Friends”

I won’t lie, the misadventures this weekend more numerous than previous trips. Being so near to home caused us to neglect our usual diligent preparation. A wrongly chosen dirt road, and further washout led to a few Km of hiking that didn’t result in EITHER a sweet view, OR a notable attraction (which in my books is the worst kind of hiking). We did it in great company however, and I am proud of the satisfaction we gained with the positive attitudes our group was in possession of.

We got where we wanted to be, ultimately, and navigated another dirt road, followed by significant amounts of poison-ivy. We reached “Halfway Hot-springs”, enjoyed a soak, some more visiting, and attempting at all costs to keep the babies from drinking the questionable spring-water.

We arrived several hours after the initial plan, and the breakfast we intended to hike in and enjoy on site had been long ago consumed. The breeze was wonderful beside that river swollen with spring run-off, and the water warm enough to be cosy, but not so hot as to be uncomfortable in this summery weather. Needless to say we all slept like the dead that night (kids included).

Harry hits the trail on Dad's back

We all slept in on Sunday morning (sleeping in with a toddler is only 8:30am). Breakfast was had in a more civilized setting than the day previous. The egg’s benedicts and french toasts was enjoyed by all except for the babies. Harrison, you and Mr. K spent the majority of breakfast time being walked back and forth outside the cafe while the adults took shifts attending to you. Despite this, each parent managed to enjoy their portion of brunch. In all honesty, I was totally willing to accept this after the excellent behaviour we witnessed during our adventuring the previous day.

the Colussis and friends pose at the bottom of Wilson Falls

The route home was abbreviated with a stop and short hike to “Wilson Fall’s” just outside of New Denver. We descended into the valley, enjoying the cool mist experienced in the presence of a distant waterfall. Again, the spring runoff provided a powerful view of water’s capability. Afterwards, I got to do the hike a second time, beating our original turnaround time, too!

My sunglasses, thankfully, were right where I left them beside the falls.

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I Don’t Want to Travel

It’s funny how we want what we don’t have, even when what you’ve got is pretty great. A goal for any parent is to raise a kid who is appreciative, and has a good attitude. I think the appreciation will come as we continue to explore, and show how capable we are to do it. I don’t want to travel anymore, because I’ve gotten out of it what I needed to.


It’s your turn.

It’s OK to want what you don’t have, and even better to pursue it. Someday, I hope to wave you onto a plane bound for faraway destinations, but when you get there, I hope you can still tell everyone you meet how amazing the place you call home truly is.




  • Meghan Roberts

    So funny! I was just telling my Dad how just traveling within your state (Texas here,which is awesome!) has so much to offer. You don’t have to fly cross country or even over the ocean to experience amazing things! And so much easier when you have littles!!!

  • Tamara

    We live in such a gorgeous place. There are SO many great day and weekend-trips at our finger tips. I think that once you have a kiddo, and international travel becomes more difficult (and expensive) you are sort of forced to consider places that are nearer-by, and that’s when you really start to discover and appreciate what you have in your own backyard.

    I still want to travel for myself, but I have basically ZERO interest in traveling with Bennett until he’s 5+ years old. And even then, I my style of travel will certainly change when/if I have a kiddo in tow. Instead, the bulk of Benny’s travel will be done right here in Canada, with maybe the occasional long road trip down into the States.

    You and Matt have always impressed me with just how much you get out and do with Harry though. NYC, New Zealand, countless hikes and smaller roadtrips… It seems like you have never let having a kiddo stop you from exploring and living life to it’s fullest, and I have always really respected and admired that.

    • ThisHarryLife

      We have had a lot of fun doing it! But we’ve also experienced stress and missed out on fully appreciating things by doing it with a baby in tow. We’re really lucky to have the resources to do such things, but I’m realizing that a lot of the lessons you gain from travel can still be had nearer to home!

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