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    Whananaki with an “F”

    Inclement weather caused us to seek indoor activities for our first full day in New Zealand, and we wound up at the Museum for Technology and Transport to pass a few hours. The facilities are divided between two sites, and…

  • Baby naps on airplane
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    20 Hours of Travel with a Baby

    One time two years ago, Harry, your dad and I got upgraded to first class while flying, and I never thought I would encounter a flight-related experience that would make me more exited than that. Turns out, I have: it’s…

  • Matt and Harrison check the view from seat 17A
    Parenting,  Travel with Baby

    An Intimidating Journey

    What did we get ourselves into, Harrison? We had travel points, and time. “Lets see how far this gets us?” We are starting to pack for our big trip, and by start, I mean I’ve gone as far as filling…

  • Harrison in jolly-jumper
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    I Am the Papparazzi

    I take so many pictures of you, Harry, and I have so much fun doing it. Photos are important to me, and I already appreciate looking back at pictures of newborn you (picture a small, jaundiced, newborn with resting-bitch-face). Many…

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    Harrison (Used to) Sleep Great

    I have a complex relationship with sleep, Harrison. I have appreciated it, gone without it, struggled to achieve it, and coveted it. I hope you inherit the gift of being able to sleep like your father. You are a predictable…