Harry Peeks at Mom
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Northland, New Zealand

Typing from the IPad is rather tedious, so rather than get wordy, I’ll keep this brief.

I’ll start with sharing that Harry, you are most DEFINITELY prone to motion sickness, after another necessary outfit change on the side of a windy road. Google tells me that it’s highly unlikely for kids to get any sort of motion sickness prior to age two, however based on our observations so far, Harrison, you are an anomaly.

The windy road in question was on the route to Russell, where we hopped aboard “Phantom Sailing’s” yacht for a day touring the Bay of Islands. We had excellent weather, despite being prepared for rain. Due to the recent heavy rain brought on by the tail end of hurricane Gita, the bay was not its usual turquoise colour, and the fishing mediocre. We did see a pod of dolphins playing in the distance, however that was as close as we got, as two giant tourist boats were very closely among them. Our captain explained the current political and scientific conundrum faced by guides regarding the ethical implications of stalking a dolphin pod for hours at a time, and unceremoniously dumping hundreds of tourists in among them. We sailed to Cable Bay, and disembarked to explore and swim while lunch was being made. A nice topless lady gave Harrison a feather and a pine-cone to play with on the beach, and we went for a little swim. On return to the boat we were served up the “best Lunch in the Bay”. Robyn and Rick provided us with quiches, bread, cheese and fruit, before beginning our return journey. The return sail was beautiful as the wind had picked up enormously and the sun was out. Harry, you made friends with our tour-mates, and graced us all with a nap in the carrier.

Mom and baby swim in front of yacht
Jill and Harry cool off, Phantom’s yacht in the background.

Harry’s new friends Giles and Mary. Giles being incredibly brave allowing his sunglasses anywhere near Harry, let alone on his face.


Today, we did nothing!

We lounged about and took our time.

After Harry’s nap, we walked down to our beach to hang out in the shade (immediately returning to our little cabin when the shade ran out). Yesterday while sailing, our guides Rob and Robyn directed us to a large clump of aloe growing in downtown Russell, so we’ve been taking turns applying it to each other’s necks. They say (whoever they are) that the sun is stronger down here due to a thinned ozone layer, and based on our experiences so far, we’re inclined to believe them!

We took dinner down at the local holiday park, which is the only place you can eat out in these parts, and we had burgers done up the kiwi-way: with slices of beetroot on top of the patty. We followed that with some time at the park, and a walk to “the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere” (talk about a mouthful).

Baby half buried in sand
We have wholeheartedly embraced sand everywhere.

Sea views
The view from our porch out onto the Pacific Ocean

Harry is figuring out sleep routines down here, and while at first it felt incredibly strange zipping him into his little travel mat, after a few days he is becoming quite taken with it, and has a few times crawled himself in, put his “chooch” in his mouth, and taken a rest on his own accord while clutching a toy (when the zipper is open this is never for more than a minute or so).

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