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    Three Days of Backcountry Camping with a Toddler

    Harry was fascinated with all the gear and items we brought up the mountain for our backcountry camping trip with a toddler. Here he "helps" Dad get ready for a day-hike.

    I’ve never done any sort of backcountry camping, let alone backcountry camping with a toddler. Old Glory is a hike I’ve done almost every year since I moved home from university. It’s the highest peak in the Rossland range, with almost 1000 meters of altitude gain from the trailhead. We decided to do this trail for our first backcountry camping trip  since it is an already familiar setting, but still has a bit of challenge. There’s a few routes to the top, and we chose the Plewman Trail since it is the fastest and most scenic, despite also being the…

  • Harry having fun on a swing at the park.
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    “A Little Like Me”

    International Women’s day was last week, Harry, and I have been mulling over the significance of it ever since it started popping up on my Facebook feed. I am feeling pretty empowered at the moment. I get to live my…

  • Harry taking it all in at Ngarunui Beach
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    Surf and…Mountains (supposedly)

    Raglan was a favourite of mine since we had so much fun on the beach. I also love the temperature! It’s been 20-25 Celsius and breezy. This is way more my jam than the northland, where it was 30+ most…

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    …and there’s a lot of catching up to do! We by chance made our way back towards Auckland instead of Cape Reinga and caught Harrison’s (and Mom’s) first pride parade. En-Route to Thames from Auckland, we stopped off at “The…

  • Harry Peeks at Mom
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    Northland, New Zealand

    Typing from the IPad is rather tedious, so rather than get wordy, I’ll keep this brief. I’ll start with sharing that Harry, you are most DEFINITELY prone to motion sickness, after another necessary outfit change on the side of a…