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    I Don’t Want to Travel

    Harry looks up at Dad while taking a stroll

    I grew up in a scenic and beautiful area of our country, where, as a child, I’d look out my bedroom window and see mountains, river, and sky. Growing up in BC’s Kootenays, I like to think I appreciated this setting and the activities it offered me. I’ve always identified this place as my home, and the place I belong, but that didn’t stop me from leaving this area every chance I got. I don’t want to travel anymore, though. Harrison, the world is a big, beautiful place. I wanted to see it all. Local attractions were right there, and…

  • Harry having fun on a swing at the park.
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    “A Little Like Me”

    International Women’s day was last week, Harry, and I have been mulling over the significance of it ever since it started popping up on my Facebook feed. I am feeling pretty empowered at the moment. I get to live my…

  • Harry taking it all in at Ngarunui Beach
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    Surf and…Mountains (supposedly)

    Raglan was a favourite of mine since we had so much fun on the beach. I also love the temperature! It’s been 20-25 Celsius and breezy. This is way more my jam than the northland, where it was 30+ most…

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    …and there’s a lot of catching up to do! We by chance made our way back towards Auckland instead of Cape Reinga and caught Harrison’s (and Mom’s) first pride parade. En-Route to Thames from Auckland, we stopped off at “The…

  • Harry Peeks at Mom
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    Northland, New Zealand

    Typing from the IPad is rather tedious, so rather than get wordy, I’ll keep this brief. I’ll start with sharing that Harry, you are most DEFINITELY prone to motion sickness, after another necessary outfit change on the side of a…

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    Whananaki with an “F”

    Inclement weather caused us to seek indoor activities for our first full day in New Zealand, and we wound up at the Museum for Technology and Transport to pass a few hours. The facilities are divided between two sites, and…

  • Baby naps on airplane
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    20 Hours of Travel with a Baby

    One time two years ago, Harry, your dad and I got upgraded to first class while flying, and I never thought I would encounter a flight-related experience that would make me more exited than that. Turns out, I have: it’s…