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    DIY Concrete Silhouette Coasters

    Finished coaster

    This project started out as a sewing accessory, and quickly evolved into these DIY concrete silhouette coasters. I love tracing silhouettes. I can simplify an objects texture, while turning attention to its shape. It’s not necessarily enjoyable, but is super satisfying when I’m done. I used the northern lights, and the sky at dusk for inspiration. These particular DIY concrete silhouette coasters are bound for my sewing area to be used as pattern weights. As I have described in previous posts, my DIY approach often starts with the statement “why buy it, when I can make it for double the…

  • Pine Me!
    DIY and Crafts

    DIY Felt Trees

    I feel less guilt to see toys get RAVAGED by play when I made them myself, and so I give you "DIY Felt Trees". For Future, I envision more bifurcations and branches, all with little "poms" up top, but I…

  • Olive pulling up while Harry bikes
    Letters to Harrison and Olive

    Reality is On The Horizon Once Again

    Parental leave is a strange place of existence. I’m suspended between “real life” and this insulated little cocoon that is my current state. No one expects much of me, other than to keep two kids alive (rather, alive AND thriving!).…

  • Saverio escorts a significantly shorter-than-him Harry out to the car
    Change,  Letters to Harrison and Olive

    The Loss You Haven’t Known

    Harry and Olive, death touched your lives for the first time last week. Great Grandpa Saverio, or “G.G.” died (one of two “G.G.’s” who answer to that name). Though it happened quickly, we knew it was imminent and had the…

  • Olive gets swaddled by Mom and Dad

    Welcome little Olive

    You arrived in a hurry, and it’s ironic, since you were at that point a few days late. A sleepy newborn, dark hair, little legs that curl up to your bum just like they did  inside me. You are still…

  • Baby's first Portrait
    Change,  Parenting

    Second Child Imminent

    Little one, we are six weeks out (give-or-take a few days or so). We are ready to welcome you in every way but the physical sense, since the clothes remain unwashed in a bin, and most of our newborn items…

  • Harry modelling his scabs
    Letters to Harrison,  Parenting

    Enforcing Rules With a Two-Year-Old

    Rules, Harrison.   I’d prefer you follow them. There’s not many in your life so far, but the majority of them are centered around keeping you safe. This fact is (apparently) to your frustration, since you seem to try everything in…